Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rollin' on the Lincoln Highway

Annual Iowa tradition RAGBRAI--who in their right mind rides a bicycle across Iowa in July!?--rolls through my hometown today on what's left of the Lincoln Highway (I feel like I've just outed myself...). When the Favre did they get a website?? I tried to make one in 1995, with clippings from the library, and no one was interested...

I've been homesick lately, but most of the people I miss have been dead for years, and when I read news I don't recognize the names--I'm sure they're related to someone I do know, because who in their right mind moves to towns with no stoplights in the middle of nowhere without being related to someone there already??--so there's no point in taking a long weekend drive.

OTOH, I can always save up to drive the whole Lincoln Highway. I've lived in three towns it passes through, and driven on it in five states, but never across the whole continent. OTTH, I expect AlGore will have outlawed the ownership of internal combustion engines for anyone making less than a million dollars a year before I have enough money. Bah.

(Photo is of the Lincoln Highway marker in the formal rose garden. I tried to take photos of the Mr. Lincoln roses therein, but they didn't turn out too well.)


CGHill said...

I'd like to do the Lincoln run myself some day, along with a couple of oddball diagonal roads (US 52 and 62). (I've pretty much finished off Route 66.)

HeatherRadish said...

US 52 goes through Indianapolis and ends around Charleston SC, where my best friend lives, so it's on my list as well.

I'd also like to take US 421 from Michigan City IN to Wilmington NC.

And US 61, the Blues Highway!

CGHill said...

I've done both ends of 52 - I hit the North Dakota stretch in '04, and I used to live in Charleston - but there's a lot in between I need to check out.