Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is such a great idea I can't believe no one's shut it down yet

From Reason, inner-city students in several cities work five days a month at area businesses to pay for most of their Catholic-school tuition.

Nutshell: Taxpayers waste thousands of dollars to give kids (the ones who bother to show up) a crappy education, here's a chance for the motivated, able kids to get real-world job experience *and* a good education, at a fraction of the cost, borne by private companies/individuals who actually get a little ROI. These kids all plan to further their education after graduation, but how hard would it be to open it up to kids who want to learn a trade....

Read the whole thing.

It's brilliant. Expect the NEA to and its subgroups to drag it out behind the bar and kill it with an axe as soon as they find out about it (see WEAC and the online schools, ugh).

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