Tuesday, July 29, 2008

While I'm pricing plastic surgeons...

Middle and upper-class women around SE WI feel they have a right to be jerks in public because they never get to have fun and no one ever listens to them. Or something. Ladies at the wine bar screaming about their "issues they might be having with the men in their lives"--I'd rather be in a Hieronymous Bosch painting. *shudder* Even if the wine bar is showing SportsCenter.

And Heather Mac Donald explains--again--that there is more variability in math ability among men than among women, and the difference between genders actually exists at the high end of the curve, and--sorry, feminists--most women choose to do better things with their lives.

This I find interesting:
(Asians, however, showed a very slight skew toward females above the 99th percentile, while there were too few Hispanics and blacks scoring above even the 95th percentile to compute their gender ratios.)

Math isn't just sexist, it's racist, too (and since the Asians don't fit the desired outcome, we ignore them, just like college admissions). Has anyone studied the sexual orientation of the 99th percentile? Math could hit the trifecta...

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