Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Michael O'Shea at American Thinker with the metaphors to end all metaphors:
Sort of like electing Barack Obama and hoping he doesn't turn out to be a Ryan Leif. Or Tim Couch. Or David Carr.

Overlooking that it was actually Ryan LEAF who was the dud at the Chargers, and that David Carr's main problem was being surrounded by terrible players--wait, that makes the metaphor better, doesn't it?--it's an interesting comparison. Unfair to Russell, perhaps; he had some actual acheivements at LSU.

Interesting, anyway, and includes this excellent quote from General Honoré:

What does a coach do when his team is losing 25-0 after the first quarter? Does he call the quarterback over and tell him how stupid he is because he didn't play right, or does he get out the white board and start making adjustments?

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