Friday, August 29, 2008

Insert squealy noises here

I've been trying for a couple of hours to write a post about John McCain picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, but I'm having trouble remaining coherent. How freaking cool is this?!?! Never expected I'd be excited about voting this November.

Her whole biography/family--I want to BE her. They're all adorable. But more importantly: anti-pork, anti-corruption,
sound ideas on energy, has actual executive experience (more than Obama and Biden put together), has actual life experience outside politics (more than Obama and Biden put together)...

I might even buy a T-shirt, although I don't know where I could wear it around Milwaukee without getting things thrown at me.

(People are already being assholes about her decision not to abort baby Trig. Don't do it in my hearing; my inner Erzulie Dantor has been working some overtime lately.)

(And, superficially...a conservative woman second in line for POTUS should the unthinkable happen? Nancy Pelosi, eat your black little heart out. *grin grin grin*)

UPDATE: Mark Steyn: Whenever Senator Obama attempts anything non-political (such as bowling), he comes over like a visiting dignitary to a foreign country getting shanghaied into some impenetrable local folk ritual. Sarah Palin isn't just on the right side of the issues intellectually. She won't need the usual stage-managed "hunting" trip to reassure gun owners: she's lived the Second Amendment all her life. Woo-hoo!

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Kek said...

Cook! Where's my hassenpfeffer?! Heather I TOTALLY AGREE! I'm now very excited about the elections when before--HO HUM--you couldn't drag me out of my political doldrums. Yep, her whole family is SO STINKIN CUTE. :)

BTW I'm also an 'old maid with cat(s)'...formerly of Waukesha, now in Dallas. Oh yes, I have a blog as well, come visit: