Friday, August 22, 2008

Looks like I'm going to miss the global O-gasm

I'm sure by daybreak there will be a hundred thousand mashups of the chanting on YouTube.
Ames, Ia. – Coach Gene Chizik announced today that Austen Arnaud will be Iowa State’s starting quarterback when the Cyclones open the season Thursday against South Dakota State.
I was going to pre-emptively denounce myself as a racist until I looked up Arnaud's profile. He's a sophomore, with more successful leadership under his pads than the Obamarama...
Completed five-of-seven passes for 130 yards in win over Kansas State

Semi-related, for the low price of $248, ISU will send me a DVD each Tuesday with the game video, the radio broadcast, and "the weekly Gene Chizik Show." I'm satisfied catching the games on Sirius--but I can see this being a really cool service for rabid ISU fans deployed overseas...hrm...

Unrelated, everytime the TV guy says "Brian Brohm" I hear "Ryan Braun." Football, that's gonna help his intercostal strain.

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