Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picked a good night to turn in early

without turning on the TV. Pelosi, Jack$on, Carter...

Nothing says "party of the working class" like luxury fabrics, bespoke dresses, and brooches. But I'll be the first to congratulate Mrs. Obama if she can inspire young women to cover their hips and bellies when they leave the house.

The riots that Zombie got caught up in don't seem to have been deemed "news" by the MSM. Unsurprised. Excellent reporting from Zombie, as usual; dispatches linked at the top of LGF.

Damn shame their dads never signed up them up for Little League when they were children, isn't it?

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Amy said...

The great unwashed...

I'm assuming they're upset because Obama isn't left-wing enough, right?

I say we round them up and pack them off to Beijing or Havana.