Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I read this "Help, Sarah Palin is ruining my life!" bit on Salon yesterday, and just stared at it open-mouthed. The "advice" is worse than the letter--smug, condescending, nothing new. But Sweet Michelle Obama's boxing gloves!! How pathetic do you have to be to let someone who doesn't even know you "ruin your life" by being alive and successful??

Kat-Mo at Ace had the best response ever.

I'm pretty sure even The O Himself can't ruin my life just by existing. And he like, controls the oceans and stuff. Yeah, he's going to hope and change America into oblivion and his policies will make my life harder and more painful, but the "ruining" part, I already did that. :P

(I will confess to harboring dark thoughts about smashing the TV in the locker room at the gym this evening when I was changing and O's ignorant 2-minute economics commercial--the one where he promises to Raise Taxes On Businesses and simultaneously Create Millions Of Jobs--came on. I don't need to see O's stupid ears on a big screen while I'm half-naked. What is this, Club Gitmo? But I've had the same thoughts about being subjected to The Biggest Loser, Larry King, and the Cubs. There are just some places you don't need a TV...and if you can't handle being ten minutes without TV, you have bigger problems than I do.)

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