Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Granite countertops!?!

The "moderator" of the VP debate is thoroughly smitten with The One. Did anyone seriously expect anything else? After eight years of BDS, are we still that naive?

But this, this is what jumps out at me and irritates me anew:

Barack Obama is sitting in the back of his rented luxury campaign bus with its granite counters and two flat-screen TVs...

His campaign has been collecting little $10 donations from working poor people as well as retired people and college students (maybe he's using "public financing" after all, eh?) for two years--give whatever you can, as an offering toward Hope and Change!!--and his freaking bus has freaking granite countertops?!?!?!

He believes there's a housing crisis, a financial crisis, that rich people have too much money and don't deserve to keep what they've earned for themselves...and his freaking BUS has freaking GRANITE COUNTERTOPS. He "organized" the Chicago projects and pretended to improve the living conditions of real people (he may even believe lining his patrons' pockets was an improvement, I don't know), and nothing got done and he's got GRANITE COUNTERTOPS on his BUS.

And it's a rental, so he can't even donate it to a bookmobile or mobile clinic in November (not that donating his own stuff would ever occur to him--generous tips for good service don't even occur to him).

Televangelists everywhere are cringing in disgust.

Silver lining--because that's how I roll, in my crappy rented apartment with warped plastic counters--some granite countertops contain radioactive minerals. Unless the radiation gives him comic-book super powers. Nevermind.


Shoebox said...

Heather, Heather, Heather, you know full well that the left is all about preaching sacrifice for "the rich" not for the purpose of "the poor" but for scamming "the poor" to enrich themselves!

While BO and Biden continue to cry about "the poor," neither of them have managed to make even the US average of charitable giving.

Hypocrisy? No! Fully Intended!

HeatherRadish said...

Well, I had to tag the post something. :P

I'm trying to work Alinsky's rule where you hold people to their own stated beliefs and discredit them for falling short...I forgot their only hard-and-fast rule is "We are never wrong."