Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm partial to Ritz...

Billy Jeff's going to, as he says, "hustle up the cracker vote."

1) If he's this funny now, wait until he's lived as long as Jimmeh Carteh!
2) I love how much he hates Barack Obama.

Roger L. Simon thinks Clinton wants McCain to win for the good of the country, but that seems inconsistent with the past 16 years.


Amy said...

Yep. We've seen previews of what an Obama administration would do to the First Amendment.

Apparently, dissent is patriotic when you call GWB a "retard", but not when you question Obama's connections to an unrepentant terrorist group.

HeatherRadish said...

...or the CPUSA, or the miseducation of school children, or his support of the Chicago machine (he worked against the reformers...), or the earmarks that got his wife a raise, or the seething hatred of white people in his first autobiography, or his desire to ban all ammunition sales, or any number of other things. These questions must not even be asked!

But comparing GWB to a chimpanzee, that's brave action in the face of an oppressive regime. *snort*