Friday, September 26, 2008

Scratch a liberal, find a totalitarian


Start with "politics Vladimir Putin style" (I hope the McCain-Palin Secret Service detail carry alpha particle detectors). The Obama campaign is threatening the FCC licenses of TV stations who carry an NRA anti-O ad, which you can see at the Instapundit link. And which, in my opinion, would have been stronger if it had included the quote of him saying he won't take your guns away because he doesn't have the votes in Congress. Not because that would be unConstitutional, or because you have a right to kill deer other than with your car, but because he doesn't have enough sensitive tolerant keep-everyone-dependent-on-government types in Congress. Yet. *boggle*

(Was it Ann Coulter who said liberals get upset when you quote them accurately?)

And in Missouri, city and county attorneys and "law enforcement" are standing by to file criminal libel charges against those who blaspheme The One. Now, I understand the need for libel/slander laws, but "false criticisms" of Barack Obama means "anything he doesn't want you to know" and has little to do with facts in public evidence. (Just the threat may itself be illegal under the KKK Act--delicious irony--but who's going to enforce it against "law enforcement"?)

This is seriously disturbing.

I thought we'd at least get to the victory party before the hopey-changey-lovey mask was ripped away and voters were allowed to see what lurks beneath. Threatening the electorate with arrest and shutting down their local purveyor of Dancing With the Stars shouldn't win votes. Then again, maybe it doesn't matter what voters think.

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