Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Apparently you do miss stuff when you don't buy the local fishwrap (besides Racing Sausage collectibles).

The last dead-tree issue of National Review had a copy of the Obsession DVD, which has already aired on cable. I admit I haven't watched it yet--sheer laziness--but I think I've read enough LFG links to MEMRI over the past two years to not be surprised.

The one I want to get my hands on is the one the BBC's Channel 4 did where they secretly taped the British imams inciting hatred of the very society paying their room and board...

If anyone else who refuses to spend their hard-earned money on the J-S is curious and wants to borrow the DVD, let me know. It's on my TV next to the four-hour black-and-white German films from Netflix. *sheepish*

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