Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well thank goodness no one watches local news

I was stopped by Channel 12 on my way out of the McCain-Palin "Town Hall" (my "flee!" reflex didn't kick in) and I don't remember everything I said, but I'm a cube jockey instead of an extemporaneous speaker for a reason. Heh.

In the pause while I tried to think of something to say about John McCain that was both true and flattering--and he pissed me off early in the day talking about his plan for the federal government to pay other people's mortgages to keep house values artificially inflated while I get no breaks for renting instead of buying above my means with no money down--they pointed out I didn't seem very excited, which I wasn't--I was hot, dehydrated, and hungry, and I couldn't get any pictures from where I was seated of anything but other people's heads--and I don't remember what I said but I'm sure it was awful.

He asked about the polls, and I said, "Hey, the polls don't matter that much, in 2004 the polls said Bush would lose." And it wasn't until much later than I realized Kerry won WI in 2004...when I was living in Iowa, which went to Bush. Oops.

The one thing I said that won't embarass me if it doesn't end up on the cutting-room floor was that McCain needs to really emphasize the differences between him and Obama if he wants to win.

(And I was wearing the wrong bra for the shirt I had on, which I didn't notice until I was at the Machine Shed spilling gravy on it. *wince* I know how to not dress like white trash, really.)

At least I didn't say, "Well, he (McCain) sounds like a Muppet." Which he does.

In 30 years when I'm telling this story to my nephews' kids ("We used to have this thing called television...") I will embellish it so I don't sound like such a dork.

UPDATE: They showed my "the polls in 2004" quote. Those earrings look a lot better in my bathroom mirror, really.


Dad29 said...

Machine Shed/Waukesha has the worst food in the whole County.

How can you EAT that stuff?

HeatherRadish said...

I hadn't been to this one before. But I was craving Iowa food. The one in Urbandale (Des Moines) is really good, actually...

Potatoes were lumpy, just like Grandma's. :P Only thing missing was the questionable jello.