Thursday, October 9, 2008

More like "reluctant McCain supporter."

Is that what my voice really sounds like?!?

  • I was there to see Sarah Palin, and I was not alone in that. Nice to see so many pre-menopausal women in attendance, and lots of young daughters.
  • Good day overall, although I misunderestimated when rush hour starts around here.
  • I was in line with some nice people, a couple my parents' age and a family with an enthusiastic teenage son, and we had some nice conversations about issues and our admiration for Sarah Palin.
  • I was in the chairs in front of the media, but too far back to see much. And my camera choked on the low light (flash is really useless from further than 10-12 feet).
  • Paul Ryan is hot. Yes, that's not rational principled discussion, but I never noticed before and I could not not notice.
  • Tommy Thompson's speech had me more excited about voting for John McCain than anything John McCain said (with the possible exception of his promise not to bring our service members home in defeat, I tend to like that).
  • Good soundtrack as they entered.
  • As noted earlier, not thrilled with this whole government-giving-my-money-to-people-who-bought-too-much-house thing. Although I bet the illegal aliens who took off when they got foreclosure notices are wishing they'd stayed.
  • Didn't appreciate the undercurrent of body-size bigotry, either. All that yapping about Joe Thomas inspiring kids to "be healthy"--the federal government's stupid height-weight chart that health insurance companies use to deny individuals coverage classifies him as "part of the problem" by about 90 pounds--and look at him! There's nothing wrong with him! *tangent*
  • The "change the culture to support women" who find themselves contemplating abortion is good, but as usual I note that no one ever suggests changing the culture to teach boys to keep it in their pants (or support the mothers of their children if they don't), or even that young women are valuable for more than sex, etc. Teenage girls don't get pregnant by themselves.
  • The adoption stuff was good, although I don't think that's the most pressing issue for most people. It humanizes the candidates, though, reassures that the "good people" stuff isn't a facade. I disagree with some of their ideas and agendas but like Bush, I think McCain's basically good people.
  • I agree with the angry guys about McCain needing to fight like he wants it. Stop being so nice, dammit.
  • James Harris was awesome. :) I didn't recognize him at the time, of course.
  • I felt McCain's answer about Hugo Chavez and Communist aggression in the western hemisphere was kind of weaselly, but overall I'm satisfied with the attention he'll pay to national security/defense. Especially since the alternative is so very, very bad.
  • I was dumb for not pressing forward to shake her hand. But it was really hot in there.
  • My ears got sunburned waiting for the motorcade. *shakes fist at the sky*
Overall, a good day. Beat pressing buttons. And it was a lot more fun and a lot less frightening than the al-Gore rally in the middle of the Iowa State campus in 2000 (hey, I wasn't going to vote for him, but I wanted to become well-informed about what I was voting against, and what better source than the jackass's mouth?).

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