Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, that was disgusting

Watching a little CSI.

Planned Parenthood is running a spot featuring the rape kit smear.

Complete with a rape victim suggesting that future rape victims will be charged if McCain is elected.

Which they are, in some states. Like Illinois, where the guy they're shilling for was in the state senate (granted, not for very long...) and could have addressed this matter on a state level. Because it's a state/city matter. Yes, some administrative details still are still left to the states--shocking, I know.

That's what I get for watching TV.


Prosqtor said...

There is at least one hospital in the Fox Valley area that charges for rape kits. I'd be willing the more "churchly" hospitals in the Milwaukee area do too.

Does that mean Doyle can't be governor anymore?

HeatherRadish said...

Fine by me.

(Isn't there a victim compensation fund that can cover these things when insurance doesn't?)