Sunday, November 9, 2008


Commenter Stuffed reminded me that Prop 8 in California only passed by 52%, which is a "narrow defeat" and not the "overwhelming mandate" Obamatrons are claiming with their 52%.

It gets better.

Nancy Pelosi is claiming that those black and Hispanic voters who voted for Prop 8 are just too stupid to realize they voted incorrectly.

I look forward to learning how a) that's not a racist statement, and b) this is George Bush's fault.

Oh, and any amiable goodwill or urge to get along with Obamatrons that I may have mustered up earlier in the week was completely erased by this condescending garbage. You're on your own.

The gruel in re-education camp had better be vegan, organic, and shade-grown, you hypocrites.

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Neocon Blonde said...

It's just numbers. Who are you to judge? Everyone knows Democrats have their own special brand of math: Funny Math.