Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holy Soviet Union, Batman.

Have you ordered your free sticker yet? It looks like something from The People's Cube, but these morons are serious.

This is the scariest image yet, minus the ones that advocated violence against Sarah Palin.

(Apparently it's still too early to read quilt blogs. They're celebrating O's "overwhelming mandate." Uh, no, try again: 52% is neither.)


stuffed said...

What is it with these guys and their fascist iconography? My liberal profs used to go apoplectic over such things.

52% is the percentage that passed the anti-gay marriage prop in Cali. The other 52% love to be reminded of it. BTW the news refers to that as a 'narrow defeat' while the other 52 is a landslide. Hmm.

I deleted the quilt blogs from my roll. There's no point in waiting around for the creepy homages to start. I'm off to quilt a portrait of Palin. I keed.

HeatherRadish said...

I confess, I tried to start a quilt with a barracuda but gave up because I can't draw.

I do look forward to the whining about how comissions and Etsy sales of their art have dropped and they've had to get real jobs (or, more likely, they've had to cut down on the organic arugula because their husbands' post-tax paychecks are smaller). "You voted for the guy who promised to confiscate the paychecks of people who actually work--what did you think would happen?"

Unknown said...

Are you guys for real? The cali prop barely passed while Obama had a nearly 7% popular vote lead.

This blog is hilarious. Keep up the good work.

-Gleeful Liberal