Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Repeal Day!

It kind of snuck up on me. My belated thanks to Utah.

But there's one positive thing we can say alcohol prohibition: At least it was constitutional. The prohibitionists built support for their cause by demonizing alcohol from state to state, winning over local legislators one at a time. When they'd built a sufficient national movement, they started the momentum for a constitutional amendment. Congress didn't pass a blanket federal law, Constitution be damned. They understood that the federal government hasn't the authority to issue a national ban on booze, so they moved to enact the ban properly.

It really was a different era...

Meanwhile, I have a bit of a beer weirdness going on Ohio I picked up a six-pack of "Moe's Backroom Amber Ale" with a "Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition" label, labeled "Tap Room Brewing Company, Rochester NY" but a Google search reveals it's probably contract-brewed by City Brewery in LaCrosse and there is no "Tap Room Brewing Company." So much for seeking out novelty at the small-town Kroger when I stock up on Mike-Sells (those are the best potato chips on the planet--next time you're in Ohio or Indiana seek them out).

It's not awful, it's going down well with bratwurst and X-Files, but its sketchy provenance is disconcerting and I'm not appreciating the irony of bringing a Wisconsin beer back from Ohio.

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Unknown said...

Tap Room Brewing Company is actually Kroger's store brand. Based on some of the reviews of the product and my own personal experience I think it's probably just a hit-or-miss proposition with different quality coming from their different contract brewers.