Monday, January 12, 2009

People annoy me.

You can run articles about Israel "bombing schools" without mentioning that said school was full of terrorists firing mortars at the IDF, but you can't have an article about a gathering in support of Israel without mentioning the "Christian and Muslim" protesters outside (of course there are Muslim's a synagogue and it's still standing...).
Joyce Guinn, a Catholic who has visited the West Bank three times in recent years, was among the protesters. She said Israel is using weapons against the Palestinians that were bought with American tax dollars.

Joyce, have you ever wondered where "Palestinians" get the money they use to buy weapons? I thought not...
"This is not about rockets or self-defense, it's about continuing the 40-year occupation of people who have nowhere to run," Guinn said.

Yeah--they've "nowhere to run" because the dozens of other Islamic nations in the region refuse to let them move in. It's good anti-Israel PR to have a permanent "refugee" population, and it seems to be working. Egypt even built a wall to keep them out--why aren't you complaining about Egypt's treatment of Gaza?


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