Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaking of hating people

Scheiße! Several of my friends (former friends, more and more--do I really need these people?) are mocking Bush for the following. Now, I hate "compassionate conservatism" as much as anyone--it's not conservatism, to start--but of course they're not poking holes in that, they're still making jokes about Bushitler and Republicans as the soulless offspring of Genghis Khan and Cthulu. As opposed to themselves, bathed in the light of Saint Obama and yet, compassionate as they consider themselves, unwilling to let detainees from Gitmo bunk down on their couch until they can find a job. Hypocrites.
President Bush called for a "compassionate" Republican Party and warned against the GOP becoming "anti-immigrant" in one of his last interviews as president, defending his vision of the party, which has become unpopular among some Republicans.

I'm not "anti-immigrant", I'm anti-illegal alien. I'm also anti-"importing people who can't speak or read English" because we've got cities full of those people already--how is it compassionate to continue to let them sit around collecting checks in squaloriferous subsidized housing while people who weren't born here come in to work and move up in the world? Not very.

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