Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shut up and read the lines someone else wrote for you

Gillian Anderson blogs.
And how the hell do you clean the house and make the dinner and do the shopping? I know I am sounding like a complete idiot here but I’m telling you, every last one of you from the beginning of time should be given a medal, and free health insurance, and food coupons, and a government subsidized housekeeper that comes in one day a week per child.

I thought Britain already did that for "long-term unemployed" single mothers. Maybe it's only for the wives of Wahhabist imams...

The Sarah Palin icon brings up another interesting thing I did not comment on today because there's really no of my Facebook "friends" posted a link to the announcement of SarahPAC with the usual "she's so stupid, she should shut up and stay home" commentary.

I really wanted to highlight the absurdity of an unattractive woman, pushing 40, divorced after her husband preferred someone else, childless, working dead-end clerical jobs as long as I've known her--and I'm not being catty, except for "divorced" and "clerical" I could be describing myself--thinking they're smarter and less irrelevant than an attractive sitting governor with a nice family, including a son in the Army protecting us from people who would just as soon kill American women as look at them (and don't treat their own women and children any better).

But there's no point in arguing with that sort of self-absorbtion, is there?

[I would like the SarahPAC website to list some specific policy ideas related to "Sarah Palin's plans to build a better, stronger, and safer America in the 21st century." Sounds nice, but I want substance. But I look forward to seeing what sort of local candidates the PAC supports.]


Roland Melnick said...

I voted McCain/Palin...more by default than anything else since McCain was like my 4th or 5th choice. In all honesty, Palin wasn't quite ready for prime time (not that the Big O is either), but with some more seasoning, she could lead a come back for the GOP. She may need to shake off some of that simple bumpkin vibe she gives off...but I think she has real quality/character/values/intelligence underneath it.

HeatherRadish said...

I like her, I don't think McCain's handlers did a very good job at all, and I hope she can overcome the trashing she and her family got from the media.

But I'd like to know what she thinks would make a "better, stronger, safer America." Won't help much to lead a comeback in the wrong direction...