Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random thoughts

A new survey commissioned by Northwestern Mutual finds a new "American Reality" in which Americans value quality of life issues as more important than career, money and material possessions.

a) How can you have a quality life with no job or money? You're dependent on other people (most likely the government) to provide for you, so you're stuck with whatever they give you. I know some people really enjoy just sitting around doing nothing except letting other people pay their bills, but I like to be able to afford to leave the house every now and then...have a nice meal, see friends who don't live within walking distance, buy new underpants when the elastic gives out...selfish evil capitalist shit like that.

b) I suppose it's a good thing people don't value jobs, money, or stuff, because by 2012 only government employees are going to have any. Heh.

c) Chicken and egg. Do people say they don't value jobs and money as a psychological way to prepare for/compensate for not having any, or does not valuing jobs and money lead people to vote for the clowns who promise to take all that away from the rest of us?

d) The people who don't value jobs and money must be people who have never had either, and people who have never not had either. If I had a trust fund of sufficient size, I wouldn't be going to job interviews in Illinois...

Must stop reading the paper.

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