Monday, March 9, 2009

This stem cell thing

I have been offline being interviewed on the wrong side of the Cheddar Curtain (no worries, all my expertise is in functions this company outsources to India *mmmph*), so I haven't been following it, but in half an hour of catching up with personal journals, I am depressed by all the ignorant, small-minded, mean-spirited bigots who are taking Obama's executive order as an opportunity to bash Sarah Palin (she's going to drag us back to the "12th century" on a snowmachine, dontchaknow) in specific and Christians in general.

I can't make the font big enough for the WTF.

I also note none of these people have contributed a thin dime of their own money to embryo-destroying stem cell research (much less their own zygotes). So I'm not impressed by their level of commitment any more than their logic (Barry && embryos != "stupid asshole Godbag" rant).

And Congress/Obama just spent a trillion dollars we don't have on misguided crap a couple weeks ago--is there really a pressing need to spend billions more we don't have on additional misguided crap?! Really?!? Even if I didn't think experimenting on embryos was creepy, and was willfully ignorant of adult stem cells are being used in actual effective applications, I'd think the executive order was a bad idea .

(I need better friends, I think is the lesson here.)


Amy said...

Couple that with the fact that embryonic stem cell research has had ZERO success, and yeah, this is all about sticking it to pro-life causes.

It's disgusting, but we regroup and fight back.

HeatherRadish said...

If they weren't such assholes about it, I'm OK with privately-funded research on zygotes donated expressly for the purpose (mostly to watch the feminists fight amongst themselves over whether an 18-year-old selling her eggs is being used by Big Patriarchal Corp or being empowered to fund her education/lifestyle--no one ever has that argument about sperm). Using embryos that were intended to be babies, though--ugh.

Key word is "privately funded." I don't need to be involved. They can have a nice chat with God about it when they die--they won't listen to us, maybe they'll listen to Him.

But they expect everyone to fund it, on existing embryos, so we're all involved. And they're assholes, which makes me want to fight (God will probably have a nice chat about THAT with me someday...).