Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'll be damned.

Turns out Iowa really *is* flat. All those years, I never noticed...and then today I about fell asleep on U.S. 30 between Cedar Rapids and Tama.


View from my great-grandparents' farm.

Mildly crappy weekend due to travel re-arrangements beyond my control; missed the Rose Festival, but popped into Watson's Grocery and bought a pictorial history with a picture of my grandmother in elementary school (and had a nice chat with some octogenarian friends of the family and the guy who bids up all the State Center postcards on eBay...). And my niece and nephews are all here for the weekend in one sticky herd, which is fun.

All the buildings on Main Street that were empty when I was a child have stuff in them now; I'll have to come back sometime when there's nothing going on and just hang out.

(I would have taken an extra day off if I'd known about this.)


Dad29 said...

I've driven all the way across Iowa, east-west. It ain't flat when you get west of DesMoines--it's a series of valleys.

HeatherRadish said...

It's not flat around Dubuque, either; lots of moraine and even some bluffs by the river.

But between the Cedar and Iowa Rivers, then again between the Iowa and Des Moines Rivers...