Monday, June 22, 2009

Compare, contrast.

From last week: Michelle Obama lies with impunity to gin up fear about the "obesity crisis" among children, so we all feel warm and fuzzy about her husband and Congress taking over every aspect of our lives, right down to what we're allowed to feed our own children.

From the weekend: Michelle's husband and children eat ice cream.

Other than their father being crowned a god-king by the American media, how are Sasha and Malia any different from any other child in America?

I suppose this isn't any different than sending the children to private schools while insisting other parents should not be allowed that choice...I'm no longer fazed by self-appointed aristocracy living lives they would forbid everyone else--restrictions on food and fuel, sumptuary laws for the 21st century--but I'm getting more and more fed up with the people who clamor to be ruled by these tyrannical hypocrites. The hell is wrong with you people?!?! Can you honestly not see what they're doing here?!?


Amy said...

No doubt there'd be some offset which we haven't heard of yet to compensate for the Obama girls having ice cream while I feed my son a tofu cone for his birthday or something.

The elites always do what us little peons can't.

My opinion is the people who love Obama, liberals and their socialist diktats are, often, secularist progressive liberal types who are looking outside of religious teaching for some form of moral structure. They think traditional religion is oppressive, but they turn over control of every aspect of their lives (except the groin, 'cause that's like their personal choice and their body) to an order that is much less forgiving and much more oppressive than traditional religion.

So they know what they're doing. And they love it. And when they bitch and moan about religious types "forcing" their theocracy on each other, they know that their own private religious morality comes in the form of government mandates, which we don't have the free will to ignore.

They'll pry my Kopps Grasshopper Fudge and/or Macadamia Nut from my cold, dead hands. And I think I'll give my son two extra cookies tonight just because these fascists aren't going to tell me how to be a parent, damn it.

HeatherRadish said...

Yeah...the theory I developed several years ago is that puritanism ("the haunting fear that someone somewhere is having fun") is a constant; now that there are no more taboo sexual behaviors (with the occasional exception of pedophilia, depending on who's doing it) people have become puritanical about food. "Gluttony" has always been a vice, but imagine telling someone from the 19th century that eating ground beef with bread and potatoes is an affront to polite society, but recording yourself having sex and releasing the footage to the Internet is a career builder.

But again, I'm less pissed at the totalitarians--that's just their nature, like vultures and carrion--than I am at their enablers. If you think you're fat, put yourself on a diet, don't expect the government to put EVERYONE on diets.

That people can't figure that out scares the shit out of me.

Amy said...

That people can't figure that out scares the shit out of me.

Just be thankful stupid isn't contagious.