Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Criticism Flow Chart

From the frighteningly-named You may have to embiggen it or click over to get the details, but the point should be clear:

Did you know racism has increased 67% since January 20?


Unknown said...

I grew up in WI. Now I live in TN. People in the north just don't understand how all this works. This is the testimony of a "recoverying yankee":) Kate grew up in the South and is used to all this BS. None of this "politically correct" BS should ever fly. Obama is an idiot, and his minions need to realize that real voters will put a stop to this. It has nothing to do with racism.

HeatherRadish said...

I'll let you in on something I've learned by hanging out East this summer: Cheeseheads ain't Yankees. Heck, even upstate Yorkers ain't Yankees. It's all bizarro world, but different flavors of bizarre.