Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

As usual, I am spending the day angry. Partly angry at the attackers and their supporters/encouragers, but mostly angry at their American enablers/apologists. Eight years, and we can't even put a suitable memorial (one without whitewashing the Islamism of the hijackers or blaming America) up on the WTC site. And the Obama administration seems to be encouraging another attack on U.S. soil, by removing key pieces of intelligence and defense that could prevent it while sucking up to mullahs and terror states.

(Must avoid Facebook, lest I tell people who have spent the past several years bashing George Bush, the wars, our soldiers fighting those wars, America for "making people hate us", 'racial profiling', anyone who questions that 'jihad' has any meaning besides 'internal struggle', anyone who doesn't believe Islam is a beautiful religion and American Christianity is evil, etc--and yet today are inexplicably making "9/11, I'm so sad!" posts--what I really of think of them and their disgusting, suicidal, brain-dead ideologies.)

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