Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comments I want to make on blogs but don't because it's not worth the blizzard of insults I'll get 3

No specific blog singled out for this one...but apparently I'm the only X-Files fan (X-Phile, for those who watched the show as it originally aired) not infected with shrieking BDS.

There was a scene from the movie--this won't give anything away--in a federal building and the camera focused on a framed portrait of the 43rd POTUS. It was unflattering, but humorous, and I laughed, mostly out of joy at NOT seeing Janet Reno and that antimilitary nympho clown who was POTUS during most of the show's run on TV (would be a good one for an X-Files drinking game--JANET RENO! DRINK!!!).

So anyway, all the freaking X-Files movie fan sites are full of users posting about how they pissed their pants laughing at the ChimpyMcHitler reference, and spouting the usual twaddle about how we're living in some fascist unfree world. As if! They wouldn't know a fascist if one forced them to do 50 hours of unpaid labor every year. *cough*

So, a big STFU for all you spoiled brats who started watching the show on DVD two years ago when you were 23 and living in your mom's basement, and got to see the midnight showing because it doesn't matter what time you roll out of bed when you're still living in the basement, thinking you're so cool because you hate George Bush.

I swear, it is impossible for a reasonable adult with even the slightest conservative leanings to participate in the popular culture of the 21st century without getting smacked on the head with a 2x4 every time they venture out.

Short review: Very much for existing fans; one of the guys I was with fell asleep (my fault for keeping them out past 8, I suppose). Needed more explosions. Nice to see Scully as a real doctor, not just doing autopsies. Would have preferred a "sentient fungus the size of the UP" monster. Xzibit is a terrible actor--Agent X is spinning in his grave.

Mostly I'm bummed because it doesn't seem to be very well attended--possibly from lack of publicity--which means there won't be another one with a better monster.

I need a new hobby.

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Amy said...

I'm not an X-Files fan, but I am amused by your assessment of the film.

We conservatives are the counter-cultural ones. Participating in the culture at large is often a challenge.

They wouldn't know a fascist if one forced them to do 50 hours of unpaid labor every year.

Ha. No, they wouldn't. They have no idea what fascism is, but given their love of hate speech laws and other such crap, they're trying like hell to make it the norm.